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Helpful Tips for FloraFlex

Take a look at how FloraFlex works! Following this link will take you to Floraflex’s site – they offer great tutorial videos of these products in action.

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How do I prevent powdery mildew from ruining my plants?

Powdery mildew is horrible and we feel for anyone dealing with an outbreak! Thankfully, there’s a lot of options to help prevent powdery mildew and treat it if you happen to see some sneak into your grow room. Our most trusted and 1st choice for prevention is a sulfur burner. They’re specifically to prevent pests and…

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How often should plants be watered?

Great question! Many plants don’t like to be over or under watered and they’ll let you know if this is happening. The best rule of thumb is to go by the weight of the pot. You can also stick your finger into the soil, if it’s dry a couple of inches below the soil then…

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