ARS Craft Scissors 330HN


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 Blade passing: 40 mm. ARS is a Japanese cutlery manufacturer. Since its founding ARS has always been working on making new products, making full use of the tradition of Sakai cuttings. It was the pruning scissors that pioneered it and succeeded in developing a lightweight and easy-to-use pruning scissors by separately preparing the body part and the grip from what was made of all-iron parts until then. ARS organizes all items related to quality control (including product inspection, as well as complaints processing in response to user’s requests), and sets inspection rules. Based on the quality assurance system chart, we conduct process inspection / sampling inspection at each stage of “production process”, “commercialization”, and “distribution” from “accepting materials”. Measuring instruments based on data management are active in preventing quality variations. We have standardized all the results measured according to the quality inspection rules by computer analysis. In addition, sharpness testers and others independently developed by our company are also active. By strict human check based on product inspection regulations, defective products are thoroughly eliminated. The final fine adjustment of the product is still a human cutting test and sensation and visual inspection. ARS products are highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also overseas. It is the number one brand realized in the professional market such as the fruit trees in various places around the world, including the vineyards of the Rhine and forests, as well as in Japan.

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