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Neoseiulus cucumeris

Preferred predator for first and second instar thrips larvae.  Considered a true generalist pest mite predator it will also feed on spidermites, broad and straw mites and whitefly eggs.  In absence of prey food, cucumeris will also survive on wind blown pollen.

Can be used effectively alongside other beneficials such as persimilis and fallacis.

Should always be introduced preventatively.  Can be shaken directly onto leaf or added to hanging release cups.

Delivered in bran carrier with food mite Tyrophagus.

General introduction rate: 10-100 per plant (depending on size) weekly as needed.  eg: 10L bag treats 600-800, 90 cm plants.

Produced by Applied Bio-nomics.

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50,000, 6 week slow release


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