Black & White Poly ThermoFlo by the foot


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Benefits of the Black & White

  • Thick 6mil poly sheeting
  • Reflects 90% of light back to crops on the white side
  • Black side absorbs light
  • Can be used to partition and waterproof
  • Boxed and bagged in retail packaging
  • Distributed throughout North America


  • Dust barrier to protect walls, carpets, furniture, equipment and other clean surfaces
  • Exterior scaffold cover
  • Room separator/divider
  • Concrete curing cover
  • Covering for large materials outside for weather protection
  • Instant all purpose cover
  • Interior moisture barrier/insulator for unprotected windows
  • Painting drop cloth: use to cover carpets and floors
  • Waterproof exterior storage cover
  • Camping/tent cover
  • Sun shield – reflects heat (white side)
  • Landscape/nursery ground cover for level beds to prevent weeds
  • Cover beneath decks, patios and walkways to prevent weed growth
  • Greenhouse lighting aid: reflects 90% of light on the white side
  • Frost prevention on plants
  • Greenhouse winterizing cover

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 12 × 0.01 × 10 in


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