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If space is tight and you have an open area beside your house or an outbuilding, you may want to consider a lean-to greenhouse. The elegant Silverline Lean-to features curved lines, a sliding door which can go on either end and integral vents which can be installed either on the roof or the side.

At only eight feet long and six feet wide, the Silverline 86 (8’x6’) is a good option where space is at a premium.  With this model you have all the benefits of greenhouse gardening on a smaller scale.

Both the Silverline 106 (10’x6’) and 126 (12’x6′) have plenty of space for plants and can also be used as a sun room.  The Silverlines can also be installed as free standing structures with a purpose built wall on the open side. You could even install 2 of them back to back if you’d like a large freestanding garden room or greenhouse. 


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