DimLux Humidity Sensor 10M


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This valuable accessory transforms a static lighting setup into a dynamic lighting system that functions using real-time data.

The Humidity Sensor communicates the relative humidity levels of the growing area directly to the Dimlux Maxi Controller. Since temperature and humidity have an inter-dependent relationship, the two factors should be managed in conjunction. Calculating the Vapour Pressure Deficit in maximum control rooms ensures the optimum conditions are achieved for the most impressive growing environment. Connect a humidifier to your controller and this device will initiate

By simply connecting a humidifier to your controller, this device will initiate its on and off times and your plants are left with the most natural setting for sustained plant growth and development in indoor grows.


Measures the temperature levels in the area.

Precise and professional grade equipment

Optimal preformance used with Dimlux Maxi Controller

Options include the 5 or 10 meter long cable