Grozone LS8


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  • The LS8 Light Switcher is specifically designed for operation of high intensity discharge(HID) lighting systems.
  • The system can handle up to a maximum of eight 1000W HID metal halide(MH) or high pressure sodium(HPS) grow lights.
  • The activation of the internal power switches(relays) is performed through 120v trigger inputs.
  • The LS8 can activate 8 lights with one single trigger input, or two 4-light zones using two trigger inputs.
  • This light switcher provides up to 40A of capacity on a standard 240v circuit.
  • There is a 120v service outlet(max 10A); this is intended for use of a ventilation fan, light movers, timers or any other accessory.
  • The LS8 is built with only the highest quality components and will provide you with years of trouble free  performance. 

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Dimensions 11 × 3 × 14 in