Seedmaster Garden Seeder


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The unique vibrating action of the SeedMaster Hand Seeder causes garden seeds to flow down the ant-static “V” channel and through the baffle in a controlled manner for careful sowing. Even the tiniest of seeds can be sown with precision. No dribs… No drabs… No clumping. Maintenance free and easy to operate.

• Sows even the tiniest of seeds with the click of the thumb!
• Virtually eliminates thinning
• Four special baffles accommodate most seed sizes
• Precise, fast and convenient
• Ideal for home gardeners and professional growers


Step 1: Select the correct baffle size for seeds to be sown (see included chart). Snap baffle into place.

Step 2: Pour seeds into the tool behind the baffle. Tilt the trowel at a slight downward angle.

Step 3: Rotate the wheel lightly with your thumb. Stronger thumb pressure on the wheel causes vibrating action to increase.

Step 4: Should very small seeds cling to the trowel, wipe with a solution of household detergent and dry thoroughly.

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