Black Orchid Tent 4×4

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Black Orchid R&D team have created the ultimate grow tent that delivers style, functionality and price reinforced with a five year warranty. 

Every Hydro-box tent has a handy hygrometer pocket located on the front of the propagating tent. A neat, Velcro covered hole is located behind the pocket for a probe, temperature or humidity sensor.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 49 in

1 review for Black Orchid Tent 4×4

  1. Al Rodgers

    Bought this 3 years ago and I thought I would comment on the high quality of this unit. The Black Orchid tent is very heavy duty and really tall (7 feet) for all your filters and fans and stuff. The reflective surfaces inside the tent are excellent, big and bright. The zippers are really smooth and operate flawlessly after thousands of peeks at the plants. The giant drip tray that comes with it is worth its weight in gold. It has performed for me when large amounts of spillage happened and it never has leaked. I have cycled a few crops through it now and I have to say, his is a tough tent and it will last you many years with a little care.
    Pro tip: when you set it up, start with the cage then when you are hanging the fabric, just put on the top and bottom but don’t wrap the thing up yet.. With the sides wide open, you can hang all your light rig and fan and ducting, charcoal filters etc. very easily. Then you wrap up the sides and zip it all up. It took me the extreme frustrations of trying to hang stuff inside a completed tent to realize that does not work so easy!! So do it the easy way. You are welcome!

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