Coco Chips 50L


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Urban Jardin Coco Chips is a premium blend of coco peat and quality coco husk chips. Coarse grade husk chips have been included into this mixture to increase the proportion of large pores and provide an optimum growing medium. This is achieved through a process of carefully balancing air and water within the root zone of the crop, which increases drainage rate and helps facilitate the leaching of salts and waste materials.

Our premium coco coir has been thoroughly washed and buffered to remove excess E.C. (salts), which may be present in fresh material at levels that inhibit plant growth. The product is buffered by treating it with a calcium solution that is designed to displace sodium and improve the balance of calcium and potassium on the cation exchange.

Urban Jardin Coco chips blend is pH stable and contains excellent air to water ratio to allow for optimum water absorption while maintaining maximum air porosity, delivering the perfect growing condition for your plant.

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