Gaia Green Rock Phosphate





  • Rock phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral that is essential for plant growth. It has been ground to a fine dust and granulated to make it easy to apply and easy for the plants to absorb. It is free of dust and after application, this product will dissolve in water, returning the rock phosphate to a powder form.
  • Grow bigger and more abundant flowers and stronger root growth by adding in phosphorus. Great for all plants including ornamentals, flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, fruit, and more. Use it in you soil mix when seeding and transplanting, or as an amendment for hanging baskets, potted plants, planter boxes, lawns, and directly in the garden.
  • It is almost impossible for plants to get enough phosphorus, so supplementing with rock phosphate is a great way to improve your gardening results. This product is very effective when used in conjunction with cover croppng programs.
  • Gaia Green Rock Phosphate contains 27% total P2O5 with 3% available. The remaining amound of P2O5 is released over a period of about 4 years. Since phosphorus is not very mobile in soil solutions, you can achieve better gardening results by adding in extra phosphate to feed the soil and feed your plants.
  • Use 1kg per 10 square meters. Gently dig into soil surface once per month or as desired. Comes in a convenient 2kg plastic pail with handle and a recloseable lid that keeps moisture and insects out.

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20kg, 2kg