Ushio Double-Ended 1000W Super HPS Opti-Red Bulb


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Professional growers will not use just any lamps to get just any results.
They require specialty-grade lamps to maximize their growth and profits.
This is why professionals choose USHIO, a Japanese specialty lighting manufacturer.
The USHIO Hilux Gro™ professional grade lamp types are manufactured at our European ISO 9001 certified factory and are used by a multitude of OEM’s and professionals worldwide.

Features & Benefits

– Super high output lamp technology
– Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and irradiance
– Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
– Highest quality and consistent performance
– Engineered in ISO 9001 certified facility
– High red and blue spectral ratios for good photosynthesis efficiency
– Great lumen output for high PAR values
– Robust plants through high blue light output
– High red light ratio for healthy plant growth
– Economic (long average life, high lumen output, low energy consumption)
– Tubular low profile design for compact fixtures

Additional information

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