DimLux Plant Temperature Camera 10M

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The DimLux Plant Temperature Camera is a fantastic accessory that precisely measures infrared levels of your flower and feeds the information back to the Dimlux Maxi Controller. This information is then used with the room temperature and humidity readings to calculate and display the vapor pressure deficit (VPD) level – the potential for the surrounding air to draw moisture away from the plant. It provides the grower with the most accurate information on how much plants will have to transpire to in order to reach an equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. Large pressure deficits mean that your plants will lose more water through their stomata. Small pressure deficits mean that plants hold onto their water more easily (great for cuttings, etc). The Maxi Controller is capable of regulating the output of your lighting according to the difference in temperature between the plants and the surrounding atmosphere, ensuring that VPD levels always sit within the correct range.


Infrared heat detecting plant camera

Ultra-precise environmental control

Allows the Maxi Controller to calculate VPD

Used by the professional horticultural industry

Very easy to install – plugs straight into the Maxi Controller

Comes with 5m or 10m long cable

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