Gaia Green Alfalfa Meal



  • Gaia Green Certified Organic Alfalfa Meal 3-0-3 can help revitalize your garden, speed up your compost, improve plant blooms, improve soil texture, and fertilize your plants as a top dressing or as a tea. Rich in nitrogen and other valuable minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, it enhances microbial activity which helps soils to retain moisture and reduce soil compaction.
  • Alfalfa meal is one of the best products for increasing the overall nutritional value of compost, especially when combined with GAIA GREEN Glacial Rock Dust. Microbacteria generates a lot of heat to accelearte and break down the decomposition of minerals. This, along with rhizobacteria activity makes nutrients more readily available to plants
  • Alfalfa meal is light and airy, making it easy to handle and easy to work into the garden/compost pile. It has a pleasant earthy smell. For gardens and landscapes, mix 1kg per 2.5 square meters (25 square feet) once per month or as desired. For potted plants and planter boxes, apply 90ml per 4L of soil/growing media and mix thoroughly. For compost bins, mix into the middle of an active bin or as a top dressing whenever new materials are added.
  • Excellent for roses, bushes, shrubs, perennials. Alfalfa meal is alkaline, so minimize usage on plants that prefer acidic soil such as blueberries, camellias and rhododendrons.
  • Because of alfalfa’s natural ability to establish deep roots, it can tap into reservoirs of trace minerals in the soil which end up in the final product. It is a great alternative and complimentary product to things such as blood meal that may contain excessive amounts of nitrogen for more delicate plants.

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