Grotek Monster Bloom


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Monster Bloom is packed full of essential nutrients that all plants crave as they try to produce maximum yield. This formula provides a powerful punch to plants moving from flower initiation to developing the largest flowers and fruit possible

Key features:

  • Builds larger flower clusters
  • Improves harvest yield
  • Helps crops ripen
  • Increases shelf life


A closer look:

Nutrients designed to maximize photosynthesis

  • Provides a specific ratio of nutrients that impact plant growth by:
    • Activating enzyme activity
    • Accelerating protein and starch synthesis
    • Increasing stalk and stem strength
    • Boosting the movement of sugars and starches within the plant
    • Regulating respiration and assisting CO2 uptake
  • Added magnesium improves flower quality through rapid metabolism of carbohydrates to drive plant function.
  • Sulphur forms important enzymes and assists in formation of plant proteins and some vitamins. It is key in adding flavour and essential oils.
  • The Monster Bloomtm formula also contains added vitamins to help plants through periods of rapid development.

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