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Thrive Alive B-1 is a power packed preventative and restorative general-purpose plant tonic.

Thrive Alive B-1 stimulates rapid and lush vegetative growth, and will ensure the success of floral crops by promoting profuse flowering during blossoming. 
Its professionally balanced formulation contains vitamins and nutrients, which are cultured in premium quality British Columbian sea kelp.

Thrive Alive B-1 is safe and easy to use for both hydroponic and soil applications (1/2 tbsp/G; 2-3 ml/L), facilitating vigorous and healthy root development for both cuttings and established root systems, while protecting your plants from transplant-related shock.

Thrive Alive B-1 can be used as a soil drench when taking cuttings, and in conjunction with Rootech Cloning Gel will quickly build viable root systems and initiate rapid stem and shoot growth. 
As a rejuvenator, Thrive Alive B-1 can be utilized prior to taking cuttings, ensuring healthy mother plants that will continue producing new shoots.

Thrive Alive B-1 is also an outstanding foliar application in the house and garden for promoting a plant’s full potential. 
When used weekly as a foliar spray throughout the vegetative cycle and into the first week of flowering, it nurtures a “green up” effect: keeping leaves strong and lush, while promoting cellular division at the internodes. 
Ideal for all types of gardening, Thrive Alive B-1 is an original Canadian formulation unequalled in quality, consistency and strength.

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