Rove Beetle (Dalotia)


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Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria is a native species of soil-dwelling rove beetle which feeds on small insects and mites (e.g. shore flies, fungus gnats, moth flies, springtails, root mealybug crawlers, aphids, spider mites). Adults and larvae are active and aggressive predators. To find preys, this rove beetle are able to move in organic matter (e.g residues of plants), drains and on the plant leaves. Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria adapts to different substrates such potting soil, coconut fiber, rockwool and can be introduce to hydroponic systems. In greenhouses, it establishes easily and maintain a permanent pression on pest populations.

They are light to dark brown in color; adults are 3-4mm long and are slender with short wing covers. Rove beetles have an interesting habit of curving the abdomen upwards like scorpions and can run or fly when disturbed. Since they actively fly, they rapidly colonize the release area.

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