Have you got any tips for overwintering plants?

  • You can bring sensitive plants like geraniums and some herbs in for the winter.
  • Wash plants and pots with insecticidal soap before bringing them indoors.
  • Find a sunny spot in the window, and better yet supplement them with a daylight fluorescent like a T5 on a timer.
  • In mid-winter decrease heat slightly and water less.
  • Avoid fertilizing during the winter as this encourages soft growth, which is more susceptible to pests and diseases.
  • The soil should be moist, not wet. Maintain good air flow and don’t crowd plants too closely together.
  • Check to make sure drainage is good.

Looking after your plants in this way will help you avoid problems like weak leggy spindly plants, yellowing and falling leaves. Also, crown rot or root rot are avoided by proper watering.

You are welcome to drop by anytime for some more tips for overwintering your plants.