Why should I think about pH in my garden?

Correct pH is a critical but often overlooked aspect when growing in hydroponics, coco coir, or Sunshine/Pro Mix. Put simply, the pH of your fertilizer determines how much of the mineral elements are available and accessible for the plants. Acid loving plants like rhododendrons and hydrangeas require lower pH. Tomatoes require slightly acid conditions, while peonies […]

Have you got any tips for overwintering plants?

You can bring sensitive plants like geraniums and some herbs in for the winter. Wash plants and pots with insecticidal soap before bringing them indoors. Find a sunny spot in the window, and better yet supplement them with a daylight fluorescent like a T5 on a timer. In mid-winter decrease heat slightly and water less. Avoid fertilizing during the winter as this encourages […]

What are B Vitamins used for?

B vitamins are designed to promote rooting, maintain health and vigour of your plants, and prevent shock from transplanting and pruning. We at Hygro highly recommend Ultimate B Plus. It contains B-1, natural humates, natural hormones, enzymes, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It is also a great source for natural auxins and cytokinins. This formula is […]

What is a 3 Part Nutrient?

A 3 part nutrient is an all purpose plant food formula that will grow everything! Combine Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrients into your water at different ratios depending on the stage your plant is in, to have utmost control of the food your plant requires. For instance if you are in the vegetative stage, you […]

What is Cal-Mag’s Key Role in the Garden?

Calcium, an essential part of the plant’s cell wall structure, improves the absorption of other nutrients by the roots and their translocation within the plant, and contributes to improved disease resistance. Calcium deficiencies Calcium deficiency symptoms appear initially as generally stunted plant growth. Cupping of mature leaves is a tell tale sign of a calcium […]

Why is Humic Acid so good to use in the garden?

It enhances nutrient uptake, meaning you save money by spending less on fertilizers. It enhances soils depleted in nutrients and organic matter. Humic Acids promote proliferation of soil microorganics like beneficial algae, bacteria and fungi. Improves soil structure and prevents soil compaction. Increases water capacity in soil. Humic acid is allowed for use on certified […]