Can I control fungus gnats and thrips with nematodes?

Yes, we have been seeing customers have a lot of success using nematodes.

Nematodes are a multi-cellular beneficial parasitic round worm that targets pest insect larvae of mainly Sciarid flies (fungus gnats) and Thrips. The soft bodied pest insect larvae serve as a host for the beneficial nematode. The nematodes hunt down the harmful larvae and destroy them by entering the host pest insect as an infective juvenile. Each infective juvenile Nematode carries a bacterium in the gut, which it releases into the body cavity of the target pest after penetration, killing the host in approximately 48 hours.

The population growth of these nematodes depends mainly on the type and condition of the medium, temperature, and humidity.

You can apply the Nematodes using a watering can or a sprayer.