What are the benefits from use of seaweed in the garden?

Consuming food grown with seaweed used as a fertilizer helps give you important minerals that are more frequently deficient from land-based diets.

Seaweed contains all major and minor plant nutrients, and all trace elements; alginic acid; vitamins; auxins; at least two gibberellins; and antibiotics. For those who cannot gather fresh seaweed, it is available in a dried ‘meal’ form or as a concentrated liquid extract which is active in significantly smaller rates.

Seaweed benefits for plants include:

  • Stronger plants with greater vigour
  • Protection from marginal frosts
  • Plants stay longer in production
  • Produce travels better and has longer shelf life
  • Improved root formation
  • Improved survival of seedlings
  • Resistance to mildew and other diseases
  • General increase in health, so less insect infestations