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Veganics BLOOM is a 100% vegan liquid nutrient and is particularly recommended for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Veganics BLOOM is a complete NPK plant food and is formulated to be used during the entire flowering season. 

Veganics BLOOM us based on a unique blend of entirely plant based materials and natural minerals and provides the plant with all the necessary nutrients for increased growth, efficiency, vitality and resistance against stress factors. 

Combining the use of Veganics GROW and BLOOM will maintain the balance in the soil as well as in the plant and will lead to healthy and effective soil life as well as healthy plants. The production per hectare will increase and less nitrogen and phosphorous will be needed. Fruits and flowers will have better quality, better taste and improved shelf life.

Derived from: Micro Algae, Concentrated Sea Minerals, Beet Molasses.

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